23 December 2009

Try To Writte Something in English...

Ehem-ehem... here we go,

Yesterday is tuesday, i woke up at 9 am and felt so lazy to do something. When i opened my ayes it was just to realize that it is already morning, then my ayes closed again. Since i entered the university, i become difficult to wake up at morning. Wake at 6 am is a very hard thing to do. But I still able to wake up on that time, thanks to my cellphone's alarm. Uuum.. but sometime after i turn off the alarm, i'm back to sleep again, hehehe...

After ate my breakfast in front of my laptop while i browsed on the internet, i went for bathing and got ready to go to my beloved collage, where i never been so happy everytime i come to that place with dirty restroom, the elevator that work only one whereas there are two eleveator in that building, the birocracy system that make me feel rob by any kind of payment and many more bad things.

my "things to do" at campus is only give my job application to one of my friend who work in Indosiar, and return some note to my junior friend, who never know that i'm their senior, wuakakak... You know, some people ever said that i looked young and cute and charming. Huhuhuh... i feel embarrassed : ) Ummm, the first task wasn't done because i forgot to make permission latter from my college. So i just returned my friend's notes and leave.

Properly, after finish my bussiness at college i intended to work out in BCP. It's been almost a week i never work out. My body felt geting fatter every second, then those fat eat my mucles. But unfortunately i felt not good enough to work out today. i felt weak and hungry, so decided to back to my home for having some meal and resting my body. yeah, there was a regret i didn't go to gym. Specially to my mom who pay my mothly gym. huhuhuhu...

Basicly i go to the gym just for loosing my wight. it's about 9 kilos. Loosing 9 kilos and getting handsome and cute. but it feels so hard to me to loose that 9 kilos of fat, grrrrr... if i have money i would do a lipposuction, but it's only on my spesific part of my body not all. I know what to do, i know the way to get my fat burn down, i know how to train my body, i know how to build mucles and get my stomac sic packed. but theres is one thing that always my everything become so hard to do; Laziness. And plus less motivation... huhuhu, i don't wanna be such a mommy boy. I want my body shaped...!

Note : Ditolong ya yang bahasa inggrisnya udah tingkat dewa kasih atau apakah ada yang salah atau tidak tulisannye noh... ane kan sudah lama sekali tidak kursus bahasa inggris... huhuhuh...

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There are 6 comments on post : Try To Writte Something in English...

Unknown said... (Reply)

met pagi. singgah sebentar. belajar bahasa Inggris di sini.

zujoe said... (Reply)

mwehehehe.... ikutan reading reading....

Ellious Grinsant said... (Reply)

Jiaaaah, huhuhu... gua kira ada yang mau koreksi, kan biar ketahuan TOEFL gua berapa, wuakakaka...

mocca_chi said... (Reply)

puyeng gw bacanya ell,, boro boro meriksa -__-"

J`J said... (Reply)

gile lu...

walopun pake english, acara narsisnya gak pernah ketinggalan. hahahha :))~

sipp dah :P~

P.S : Aku (I) Mustinya pake huruf besar ya. sekian dari saia >.<"

Hennyyarica said... (Reply)

not bad kok englishnya el..
how are you??hehehe,,aku udah lama nggak ke sini nih :)

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